Grameenphone Robi Airtel Balance Transfer System

Prepaid Account Balance Transfer: If you want to transfer balance from Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel, then you can able to send your main account balance to other user. There no way to transfer balance from your Banglalink, Teletalk and Citycell numbers. However, you can only transfer balance from your GP, Robi, Airtel numbers.

Grameenphone balance transfer great for their customers. Robi balance transfer also great and airtel balance transfer too easy way to send another users.

Grameenphone Robi Airtel Balance Transfer System

Grameenphone Balance Transfer Service

Sometimes we want to transfer balance to another grameenphone users. If we don't know it, we ask another or call service center about How to balance transfer in grameenphone? But from now, you able to send or transfer money from grameenphone. To know gp balance transfer system, you can follow these:
  • Go to message and type REGI and send to 1000.
  • In reply message, you will get a secure PIN number.
  • Remember it for next usage. If you forget this PIN code, you unable to transfer balance.
  • Don't share your PIN code to others for security.
  • To transfer gp balance, type "BTR <space> Receiver No. <space> Amount <space> PIN" and send to 1000.
  • For Example: "BTR 01710010010 50 1234" and send to 1000.
  • Now you successfully sent 50taka to another grameenphone users.

Robi Balance Transfer Service

Happy New Year 2017 for dear robi customers. Robi Axiata Limited brings robi balance transfer facilities for their prepaid customers. From now, you able to transfer balance from your account to another robi user. However, you also can request for balance from another robi user. To know robi balance transfer process, activity etc, see process from bellow.
  • To transfer robi account balance, no need to register first.
  • If you send first balance to another user, you will register automatically.
  • To transfer balance, go to message and type Taka and send to 1212018XXXXXXXX.
  • For Example: 50 and send to 121201819400400.
  • 2Tk+VAT applicable from sender also from receiver.
  • To request for robi account balance, go to message and type Taka and send to 1211018XXXXXXXX.
  • For Example: 50 and send to 121101819400402.

Airtel Balance Transfer System

Airtel BD also brings airtel balance transfer feature for their prepaid customers. Under this facility, you able to send your airtel balance to another airtel users. You can send 10tk to 1000tk in every single transfer. For more details and conditions, see bellow:
  • To register, go to sms and type REG and send to 1000.
  • Now you will get and security PIN for every transfer.
  • To transfer balance, type "BTR <space> Amount <space> Number" and send to 1000.
  • Say for Example: BTR 50 01601601601 and send to 1000.
  • 2.30Tk needed from both sender and receiver.
Are you learned how to transfer balance from grameenphone robi airtel? I hope that's enough and now you able to send balance from your mobile account balance. These balance will added your main account balance. For more details, contact your nearest operator service point. Note that, banglalink balance transfer service not available yet.

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